In practice for 15 years, Wellness On Main, LLC has a nationally registered and certified play therapist on staff. Make an appointment with us today to visit and find out more about how your child can benefit from our services. Contact us today!



Individualized Play Therapy Sessions

Play is a child's language and a Registered Play Therapist is trained to understand a child's play. Kids to want to come and see me (Ms Kari) because they love to come and play. Parents love to bring their child because they have learned to better understand their child and feel they can now help their child. It is time to come and see what play therapy can do for your child.


Counseling Interventions to help with School Issues

School can be very tough for many children and adolescents. Kids can struggle because of many different reasons but there is hope. Let me help guide you to make your son/daughter feel successful at school. I have spent the last 17 years in public education and I have the knowledge and tools to make your child flourish in the school setting.