Kari of Wellness on Main, LLC

Opened in July 2015, Wellness on Main, LLC is a new counseling office that offers a unique approach to children’s therapy through the form of play therapy. Play therapy is a form of therapy used to communicate with children in their own world: playtime.

Registered Play Therapist (RPT), Kari Thompson, of Teutopolis, has 13 years of experience in providing counseling services to children through the school system. She was inspired to open her own therapy office, located on Main Street in Teutopolis because she knew children and families who were in need of additional or outside help.

Thompson has completed 150 hours of higher education, plus 50 hours of supervision, which are required of her to become an RPT. With this new accreditation, Thompson will be able to offer kids a safe and fun way to deal with their emotions. Her RPT certification allows her to offer an experience that is unique to the community and the surrounding areas.

“Children love to come and ‘play’ with me, and we make progress towards feeling better,” she says. A distinctive characteristic of her therapy approach is the programmatic model she uses to help both children and their families. For this approach to work, Thompson must communicate with the child’s family, school and doctor during the counseling process.

As a wife and a mother to three boys, ages 5, 8 and 10, Thompson understands the importance of family in a child’s development. 

“Parents, too, need a support system,” she says, “I want to help them understand their child and support them during the counseling process.” 

Though she only uses play therapy for children, ages 4 - 12, she also sees adolescents, teenagers and young adults for a variety of reasons. Some of her clients struggle with ADHD or behavioral issues; some have experienced a trauma and some see Thompson for social issues like low self-esteem and getting along with their peers.

Whether she is counseling a preschooler or a teenager, Thompson does her best to use elements of their world and their language to connect and to heal. To contact Thompson, or to learn more about play therapy, call 217-343-1685 or visit www.illinoisplaytherapy4kids.com.