Parents, you have come to the right place, I have spent my entire career with children. Daily life doesn't have to be overwhelming for you or your child. I have helped many children understand their emotions and control their behaviors. There is HOPE and PLAY THERAPY is the answer!

Individualized Play Therapy Sessions

Dear Parent,

Are you the parent of a K-6th grader that is having a lot of anxiety, has meltdowns, struggles to sit still and pay attention, seems impulsive, or doesn’t interact with peers appropriately? 

Are you worried about how their emotions are affecting their daily life at home and at school?

Play therapy can help!! It can get better!!

I will help your child learn self control while building their self esteem. 

Play therapy will allow your child to express their thoughts and emotions in a fun way! 

I work in a unique way that allows your child to move past the behaviors causing them to struggle and provides support and help for you as a parent too.

Therapy to Promote Growth

  • Individual Treatment plans with goals

  • Speak with parents to establish a treatment plan

  • 45 to 60 minute play therapy sessions

  • Individualized therapy 


Counseling Interventions to help with School Issues

If your child needs a little extra support with school due to a social disorder, illness or anything else, our experienced counselor can be of assistance. At Wellness On Main, LLC, we strive to help children with school-related issues. We will make sure that they can handle their work outside of school.
Give your child the extra help they need with our school counseling services to help them grow and achieve alongside their classmates. Please schedule an appointment to visit our school at 107 E. Main and learn how our services can benefit your child. We can also travel to you.

Help for School-Related Issues

Does your child have a lot of energy and struggle to make the right choices during school and even in activities that should be fun like PE/recess/music? Kids miss out on important and fun activities at home and school when they can’t regulate their emotions.

Are you worried about the school calling or a parent commenting on your child's behavior?

If your child needs a little extra support in school for social situations, school anxiety or impulsive behaviors. I can help your child and you with school-related issues.

Play Therapy can help with these common school concerns.

  • Behavioral Issues

  • Anxiety

  • Following school rules

  • Intervention plans

  • Setting up intervention with kids on the autism spectrum

  • IEPS and 504s